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Ferris State University

Ferris State Bulldogs football enters final game of regular season against Wayne State

BIG RAPIDS - The Ferris State football team is playing their final regular season game on Saturday against Wayne State, with a win they will confirm their place in the playoffs. The Bulldogs are currently ranked fifth in the super region, which are what matter for playoffs, but are ranked as the third best team in the country. Last weekend the Bulldogs beat Davenport 28-10, scoring 21 points in the second half while shutting out Davenport. Senior defensive end Ian Hall knows that there is only one thing that can stop the Bulldogs.

“We got to be disciplined, the only team that can beat us, this week is the team in the mirror and that’s us. So he’s got to be disciplined and, come out and play our ball, our type of ball, Ferris State football for 60 minutes.” Said Hall.

Bulldog Tight End and Big Rapids native Braeden Childress echoed the same message.


“It’s just us versus us. It’s always been the same mentality. It’s Bulldogs versus Bulldogs. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, so just take care of business, handle what we got to do, and then everything will speak for itself.” Childress said.

Head coach Tony Annese has his eyes set on being in the playoffs for a ninth time in a row.

“The fact that we’re one more win away from, being the playoffs for what, the ninth or 10th consecutive year. It will be if we are fortunate enough to beat Wayne State. It will be the longest standing consecutive, playoff run in all of division two.”

Kickoff on Saturday will be at 1 P.M. at Top Taggart Field.

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