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The Michigan Lottery's Excellence in Education initiative is a program aimed at recognizing and supporting outstanding educators across the state. This partnership between 910 Media Group and the Michigan Lottery aims to highlight the achievements of exceptional teachers and provide them with the recognition they deserve.

Through this initiative, the Michigan Lottery seeks to honor educators who go above and beyond in their commitment to shaping the future of Michigan's students. The program awards grants to selected teachers, enabling them to further enhance their classrooms and educational programs.

By partnering with 910 Media Group, the The Michigan Lottery hopes to amplify the reach of this initiative and bring attention to the remarkable work being done by educators throughout the state. Through news articles, interviews, and features, 910 Media Group will showcase the stories of these exceptional teachers, shedding light on their dedication and impact on students' lives.

The partnership between 910 Media Group and the Michigan Lottery's Excellence in Education initiative aims to inspire others to recognize and appreciate the vital role that educators play in shaping the future of Michigan's youth. By sharing these stories, the hope is to encourage support for education and foster a greater appreciation for the hard work and dedication of teachers across the state.

Every week during the school year, the Michigan Lottery selects one outstanding educator to receive the Excellence in Education award. The award includes a cash prize and a grant to the educator’s classroom, school, or school district. You can see these weekly winners on 9&10 News Watch Now and on 9&10 News Plus on VUit.

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