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Inside The Kitchen at The Trap Door in Clare

“So this building, the foundation, that has not been changed, that is still the same,” Kylee Hoffman said as she explained The Trap Door in Clare. “It was built in the 1800s.”

Now the speakeasy-style joint is serving up sharables like this charcuterie board.

“So everyone gets a taste of it and it’s got different flavors that you won’t get anywhere else,” she said.

Kylee typically reaches for the artisan flatbread.

“You know it’s my favorite,” she said. “I love that you get the fresh basil and then you get the nice tomato with that creamy mozzarella cheese and then you get the crunchiness of the crust, it’s amazing.”

And on the sweeter side…

“Next we’re going to do the chocolate fondue, which I get marshmallows, crunchy, salty pretzels, fresh strawberries, you get angel food cake,” Kylee said.

Kept warm while you enjoy all the melty chocolate goodness.

“So our food is handcrafted, just like our cocktails,” Kylee said.

Server and bartender Kameron Haag says the smoked old fashioned is the most popular.

“So we will take our smoker and we’re going to be smoking it with cherry wood, so we add some of the wood pellets to the top,” Kameron explained.

The options are the fun part for customer, Dave Coker.

“I even get to pick whether I want apple wood or cherry or, you know, a mesquite and hickory and all these different things,” Dave said.

Servers wear flapper dresses, imitating a speakeasy during the prohibition era.

“It looks very rustic, I would say is a good term to describe it, but also very sleek and gives with like the brick and the rock and our countertops,” said Kameron.

With fresh, flavorful food, and fun festive drinks, The Trap Door is a must-stop as you make your way around town this weekend.

“Just growing up in it, it just really makes you appreciate the small town,” Kylee said.

“This Irish Festival is what Clare’s all about,” said Dave.

You can find The Trap Door at 501 N McEwan Street in Clare, or call them at 989-418-6024.

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