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Former Safe Harbor Staff Hopes to Bring Affordable Housing to Traverse City

When it gets this cold, the homeless in Traverse City have Safe Harbor to turn to. The shelter opens their doors every night for those who need a warm place to stay.

One of Safe Harbor’s leaders is leaving to help more people achieve the dream of home ownership.

Sallie Krepps was the Assistant Operations Manager for Safe Harbor and says that it was “just a wonderful place to work” but is excited to join the team at Habitat for Humanity. She says that “at Habitat, I’ll be able to actually see people get places.”


She says Safe Harbor is a great resource that provides a safe place to stay the night for those who are homeless population in the area.

She tells us, “it’s like the emergency room in a hospital where we’re the ones that actually help people stay alive during the winter and and give them a warm place to stay and hope those kinds of things.”

Now starting her position at Habitat for Humanity, she hopes to create more permanent and affordable housing for the community. She describes Habitat as the “cure,” stating that “they’re getting housing and they’re actually working towards that.”

As Krepps now starts her new position as Homeowner Services Manager she can directly help some of the people she used to see everyday walk through the doors of safe harbor.


“I am so looking forward to being a part of actually the solution. It’s just seems like it’s it’s just been such an uphill battle. And I watch the people that come through here struggle with even getting on the list for housing, let alone being able to actually get a home,” Krepps says.

Krepps spent nearly three seasons at Safe Harbor. Those who worked beside her say they will miss seeing her around but are excited to see what she will do for the community through this new position.

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