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Lake Superior State University Creates ‘Baby Room’ in Norris Center

There is a new room at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie dedicated for parents with babies.

The Facility Director of the Norris Center, Steve Habusta, and Assistant Track Coach Dani Filipek, who is also a mother of two babies, teamed up to customize a room at the Norris Center for parents with young children.

It can be used as a nursing room or just a room to take over stimulated children.


Care Net Pregnancy Center donated the items.

Filipek said parents are giving it high marks.

“Thanks for letting us use this space. I was able to get out of the loud arena and I didn’t have to nurse my baby next to a kid chugging a Bud Light. Like lots of things that were like, yes for Mom’s, we need support, we need safe spaces to nurse our children,” she says.

Habusta and Filipek will be looking around campus to see if there is a need in any other buildings.

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