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Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office Releases New Online Reporting Portal

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The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office is trying to make it easier than ever to file a report and you don’t even have to leave your home.

The portal can be found under the services tab on their website. You then can select an incident like larceny, identity theft, lost property and even any tips of criminal activity. It then will have you fill out any information and even give you the option to submit a photo.

The Sheriff’s Office says “this way, the citizen can get the report filed, make us aware of that crime that occurred. And if there needs to be additional follow up the sergeant are reviewing them, they can they can assign additional follow up.”

The Sheriffs Office hopes this new system will help effectively deploy personnel and enhance the delivery of services to the community.

“We look at the number of deputies that we had in 2003 and how a number of deputies we have now and we only have two more deputies. You look at the population in 2000 and you look at the population now in the county, and it’s increased by almost 18,000,” they say.

An online system like this should make reporting a potential crime quicker and be accessible to everyone in the county. “I think the way the world is right now, everybody has a smartphone. Everybody wants to get that information quickly or give the information quickly. And this this system allows them to do that.”


The online reporting portal can be found .