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Ice or No, Tip Up Town Festival is a Go

The annual starts in just two week in Houghton Lake.

Even with some warmer weather as of late, organizers are still planning plenty of events for this year’s tip-up town.

It kicks off with a beer tent on Jan. 20. The weekend will have Lyman’s Fishing contest, an ice slide, carnival games and much more.

But the lack of wintery weather this year may end up affecting some of the traditional activities.

“We have some very qualified people who are very conscientious. They’re checking those ice conditions daily to make sure that they’re safe to have those events,” Jay Jacobs, Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce, said. “If they’re not safe, they will pull those events and they won’t happen.”

There’s still time for the weather to turn colder, but no matter the conditions out on Houghton Lake, there are still a lot of events to enjoy on solid ground.